CUBE language centre offers a different, dynamic and creative educational space. Our objective is to welcome and train companies and professionals so that they can enjoy a unique and versatile environment and also an effective work model with participative methodologies. For this purpose, we offer entertaining and motivating courses that allow our students to progress and achieve their goals.



These courses are designed to develop linguistic competence in a business context with a strong communicative focus. They work on a wide range of specific skills such as presentations, negotiations and report writing, as well as incorporating specific vocabulary. All materials are selected to suit the client’s needs and to ensure that students benefit from a wide range of quality teaching resources.



The main objectives of these courses are correction and fluency, integrating the development of the four language skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. They also focus on improving pronunciation, increasing knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical structures, and encouraging and improving the use of “everyday” English. The interactive and communicative classes will allow you to express yourself with more confidence and put into practice what you have learned.



The basis of these courses is to improve the skills that will be tested in an official exam. In addition, you will work on exam techniques and strategies, which are essential to increase your chances of passing the test successfully and obtaining a better score.

We incorporate a continuous evaluation to familiarize the student with the exam and allow him/her to measure his/her progress in order to obtain an internationally recognized qualification.

We have a very high pass rate in the Cambridge Official Exams (between 80 – 100% pass rate in the last exams).



In CUBE we are committed to training, and therefore we offer courses that can be subsidized by the Tripartite Foundation and other public training aid programs. Ask for information and we will be happy to assist you.