¡En CUBE somos una gran familia!

Todos aquellos que formamos el equipo CUBE luchamos por asegurar una correcta implementación de nuestro método Growin’ English y garantizar el éxito en las acciones de formación y aprendizaje de los idiomas que impartimos.

Nuestros teachers son en su totalidad bilingües o nativos y por supuesto, deben superar un proceso de selección previo supervisado por nuestro departamento pedagógico para garantizar la máxima calidad en enseñanza.

Consideramos que somos divertidos y dinámicos pero aún así creemos que asegurar la calidad es clave para que los alumnos alcancen el nivel esperado en una lengua, sea cual sea su edad.

¿Quiénes formamos el equipo CUBE?


Hi there! I’m Director of Studies at CUBE, but this means nothing without my team. I just let them be themselves and everything fits together. Teaching is one of my passions, as is reading, listening to music and flirting with creative writing. I’m a Burgundy lover when enjoyed with the right person and, of course, I love drinking tea while it 's raining, maybe just because I’m a Londoner at heart. When talking about teaching and education I always try to keep this quote in mind: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance
KIM-jefa de estudios
I'm Kim. I enjoy teaching teens and adults, especially C1 groups. I am also Head of Studies and coordinator for course programming and exams. I've been living in Spain for almost 3 years now and I'm enjoying the experience! I'm definitely not missing the rain in England!


Hi there! I’m Raquel and I love learning with children. In my free time I sing and play a few music instruments here and there. I have also translated into English the published story 'Punxa i el Plàtan de Traver'.
"Hello everyone! I'm Patri, enthusiastically pursuing a Degree in English Studies: Language, Literature, and Culture at Uned University. For five vibrant years, I've been imparting knowledge as a private English tutor, and this year, I'm joyfully teaching Starters, Flyers, and Teens, finding immense pleasure in it!
My journey in London for nearly two years was nothing short of incredible. My passions include traversing new places, immersing myself in music, and crafting culinary delights."
Hello! My name is Paula. I really enjoy teaching and learning new languages, that's why I am a translator and teach English to kids. However, I also enjoy classical music and playing the saxophone with my band!
"Hi! I'm Pilua, a Fine Arts graduate, deeply entrenched in the world of education throughout my academic journey. My expertise spans teaching English and Spanish as second languages in academies, summer camps, and private sessions. My teaching philosophy centers on making learning accessible, blending traditional studies with a myriad of activities and games. Outside the classroom, I'm zealously completing a master's degree in digital 2D animation."
"Hello! I'm Jose, a passionate English teacher hailing from the vibrant city of Valencia. My journey with the English language has been a long and enriching one, a path that led me to the realization of my true calling as an educator while studying English philology at university. My love for literature and video games has not only been a cornerstone in my own language learning but also a source of inspiration in my teaching approach. I endeavor to instill a similar appreciation for literature and engaging entertainment in my students, fostering a deeper connection with the English language through these mediums."
"Hi, everyone! I'm Carmen, rooted in Valencia, with my origins in Cádiz and a substantial part of my adult life spent abroad. English was once my nemesis during childhood, but a high school teacher transformed it into a fascination. This love for English, coupled with a passion for grammar, ignited my love for languages. I strive to instill this enthusiasm in my students at Cube Academy. Beyond teaching, find me reveling in live music, scaling walls at the climbing gym, practicing yoga, or soaking up vitamin D at the beach."
Hi my name is Ivan, I’m originally from Buffalo, NY . I’ve been teaching English to Businesses, Professionals and Adult Students for more than 10 years, I graduated from PACE University with a dual degree in Business Admin. & Creative Writing. I also love sports and travelling.
"Hello, my name is Eloi Vigneron. Hailing from the French part of Belgium, I'm an educator in English and French and a proficient Translator and Interpreter in Spanish, French, and English. With four years of teaching experience, I believe the essence of teaching lies in opening cultural doors and enhancing communication, often helping learners achieve their personal goals. Teaching transcends knowledge transfer; it's about connecting, listening, and empathizing with our students. We're all humans first, teachers and students second."
"Hello! I'm Nacho, originating from Benidorm. After pursuing an English degree and a master's in Teaching in Valencia, I spent a transformative year in London. My career has been diverse, teaching in various high schools. Teaching has always been my calling, and my aim at Cube is to make learning a joyous experience. I'm an ardent enthusiast of music and the arts."
"Hello, I'm Ana from Valencia. My academic path in linguistics and languages led me to a German studies degree at the University of Valencia. An Erasmus exchange in Germany not only honed my language skills but also kindled my love for teaching. As an English and German teacher, my aim is to unveil the world to my students in an enthralling manner."
"Hello! I'm Mariana, a fervent educator with a robust background in pedagogy and over 15 years in the educational arena. My enriching Australian sojourn for a year and a half has been pivotal in enhancing my English skills and educational acumen. This international exposure has broadened my perspective, allowing me to infuse global insights into my pedagogy. My approach is student-centric, fostering a dynamic and inclusive educational atmosphere and supporting students to reach their zenith in both academics and personal growth."
"Hi, I'm Ana, affectionately known as Anita at Cube. Born in Madrid, I consider myself a citizen of the world, having lived in Spain, England, Turkey, Germany, and the USA. My journey with English, a language integral to my identity, inspired me to start teaching it six years ago. It's amazing to see the opportunities this language unfolds. Additionally, I delved into the realm of human understanding with a Psychology degree from the University of Alcala de Henares (Madrid)."